Bodies/Sounds/Instruments: Lab and discussion on gender, sounds and acts.
Thursday 4 June, 20:00
Hall of Theory II of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st.

Maria F Dolores,
Kostis Stafylakis,
Dr. Fil Ieropoulos (FYTA) [skype],
Procne and Philomela (Maria f Dolores & Anna Apostolelli),
glamorous2be (Maria F Dolores & Tina Voreadi),
Elena Poughia.

Coordination: Kostis Stafylakis


This workshop will study, debate and test concepts and strategies of gender, drag, queer, cyborg and re-appropriation. Procne & Philomela will present a passive-aggressive drama with electronic and natural sounds. Glamorous2be return with a new performance after their get-away. F78 from FYTA and Elena Poughia will discuss the resent “Soundacts” festival, queer and sound. Kostis Stafylakis will underpin aspects of anti-humanism in relevant topics and will contribute to an in situ production of an exhibition with sound actions.

Info on participants:
Maria F Dolores, Anna Apostolelli, Tina Voreadi

Fil Ieropoulos

Elena Poughia

Kostis Stafylakis