Friday June 5, 2015
Athens School of Fine Arts
ASFA Theater foyer, 256 Peiraios st.

photo in collaboration with Thanos Stathopoulos


A performance that pays tribute to the thousands of immigrants who have lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean is our “Mother Sea”, the cradle of many civilizations which has been repeatedly praised by poets, politicians and citizens. Sadly enough, over the past few decades it has been transformed into a cemetery of people and their cultures. Loveland is a performance based on audience interaction, delineating an area where everyone can coexist together; a virtual place where love is present and things seem to be fine at the beginning, but everything is overturned in the end.

Alekos_Plomaritis_and_Manuel_Vason_Collaboration#1_Thessaloniki_2009_WAlexandros Plomaritis was born in Kastoria and raised in Thassos Island, Greece. He has a BA in Theatre and English from London Metropolitan University and a MA in Contemporary Performance Making from Brunel University. Ιn 2008 he staged his first performance with the performance company Leibniz Live Art Company, at the NRLA Festival of Glasgow. Frequently he explores issues of the current political state of events, identity and history however he always returns to his very personal experiences in which motifs and symbols from the everyday interact are identified. He has presented a number of performances in Greece and abroad. He lives and works in Thessaloniki