ABOUTLOVE by Francesco Kiais
Free thoughts on Ritual-Body / Political Body
for the 2nd Venice International Performance Art Week

design hall of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st. (Γυμνό νυκτός)
Tuesday 9/6, 20:00
Duration of lecture about 20-30 minutes

ABOUTLOVEvipaw2014 (5)

When the ideal contact between the Institutions, the Law, the Economy, the Politics and the human factor is missing, the society loses its basic principles and becoming inhuman. Following a path traced by images, artworks and thoughts, we try to mark the evolving of this searching for the vital contact to the environment in which we live, between natural/universal and artificial/urban space. Through history, from the prehistoric rock paintings, until contemporary art, it is possible to see how the artist cyclically tries to remark this connection to the whole in which he lives.