Edible Tales
by Katerina Fanouraki
video art (2014)

Edible tales Fanouraki

Concept: Katerina Fanouraki/Μariana Kavroulaki
Choreography: Μaria Softsi
Performers: Katerina Fanouraki/Maria Softsi
Stage Direction: Dimitris Andjus
Cinematography: Nikos Kakonas
Post Production: Christos Lolos
Photography: Stelios Marinakis
Edible props: Mariana Kavroulaki

1.Bosnian lullaby performed by Lori Secansca
2.”Molis koimithei to kyma” Traditional North Epirus polyphonic song
3.”Aman mike kapetane” Performed by Grupi i Himarës
4.”Assimenia m’alysida”,Traditional Epirus song from Pogoni, Ioannina
5.”Tis Elenis to krevati”.Performed by “Lalitades”
6.Traditional lament song from Epirus region, clarinet solist: Tassos Chalkias.

“The food was always connected with the human being. Milk is a vital substance for its nutrition through its infancy. A child crawls on the floor, struggling to discover its movement abilities. It sucks its palms and fingers, covered with milk.
Figs are famous since the ancient years as aphrodisiacs. A young girl devours the figs from the bawl under her thighs. She flirts with the audience and offers them the luscious fruits. Figs’ shape looks also like a vagina or sperms. Under a white sheet, the girl becomes a woman through her first sexual intercourse.

A mourner cleanses with red wine the woman’s corpse and endows her with her last garment. She completes the following food ritual: she lays on the eyes and mouth of the departed, unleavened small breads with wishes written on the top of them, addressed to the dead. She puts on the decedent’s hands a circular bread roll, with a black cloth and hair from the deceased, so her spirit will recognize herself, on the first days on earth, and not heart the family. In ancient years, the black color was considered to have magical powers and protect from the demons. Finally, she puts three cups stuffed with red wine, wheat and sweets, offers for the asleep.

The performance is being accompanied by wonderful traditional Balkan melodies from Bosnia, Albania and Greece that reflect in their own archaic sound, the perpetual story of life, love, sex and death.”

Katerina Fanouraki was born in Athens, Greece. She is a visual artist focused in performance art (video, photo and live performance). She graduated with Honor from “Fine Art and Technology” Faculty of “AKTO” in collaboration with Middlesex University, London. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece,Spain, Czech Republic, UK and U.S.A. She has also attended various seminars and workshops on curating, History of Art, performance, and NGOs management.She is currently studying in Queen’s University, Belfast, the MA in art management, for the academic year 2014-2015, with a scholarship.