Bodies that don’ t resist.
duration: 30 minutes

Friday 12 JUNE, 21:00
the front garden of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st.

Photos by Mats Õun

Against the so called “intelligence of the body”, The Girls introduce the concept of bodies ready to consent with every possible demand and rest there while being uncomfortably exposed to the most awkward postures. In that sense, the body enjoys this process of reformation abandoning any will for change while being hypnotised by the importance of social equality and the natural consequence of human inequality..

The Girls is a group of young artists founded in Greece in April 2014. They work on site specific projects, everyday stories and public interventions. They create large scale or minimal experimental performances using found materials or old transitory props and objects. They have presented their work in Frown Tails in Athens, in Diverse Universe Performance Festival in Estonia and other venues.