Revenge Fuck

Saturday 6 JUNE, 19:00
the back garden of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st.

Low Karantzi


The desire to increase, to grow, to spread out and challenge boundaries, is the point of departure of this performance.
Penetrating, occupying and appropriating material and immaterial territory which does not seem to correspond to one’s legitimate limits, need not be related to the quantity or quality of the resources at hand; lack of availability should not act as a discouragement.
Displacement is here understood as the amount of space which has been annulled and is unavailable for further utilization; it is the sum both of the negative and the positive space occupied by a volume which does manifest itself as solid.
This celebration of expansionism comes as an opportunity to showcase how intentions can precede and overlook means. The readings of such behaviors remain secondary, uncommented and unjudged.

Maria Karantzi realized her graduate studies in the Athens School of Fine Arts and received her postgraduate MFA degree from Goldsmiths College, London.
She has until today realized six solo exhibitions among which “Naked Ambition”, gallery LOCAL Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile, “You will never have me”, gallery Tajamar, Santiago, Chile, “Who dare to say it wasn’t meaningless?”, Neon<fdv, Milan, “Don’t tempt the lonely and perversed”, Meals & SUVs, London.
She has participated in over forty group exhibitions internationally, among which
“Dicen que somos el atraso”, Galeria Gabriela Mistral, Chile, “All that melts into air is solid”, Elika gallery, Athens, “Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007”, London, “On indefiniteness”, Halle 13, Leipzig and ACC, Weimar, “You ramp my slide”, Form Content, London.