to . be . come . to . be
a performance collaboration between Francesco Kiàis and Christina Georgiou
Duration: 1 hour, approximately

Thursday 11 June 2015
Athens School of Fine Arts
Project Space of Athens School of Fine Arts
Notara 13 & Tositsa, Exarcheia
10683, Athens, Greece



The male and female have always carried, as symbols, the strength of the unity and that of separation, simultaneously present in every culture and cosmogony. In the myths of every culture, the male and female are a reflection of both the universal harmony, as of the catastrophic power of natural elements, which contribute to destroy and recreate life constantly.
This reflects also the creative and destructive power of human, that until recently was fully identified with Nature and its generative and destructive power. Harmony and catastrophe are the two sides that emphasise the limit between the male and female and valorise the quality of these two opposing realities, both essential for universal existence.
The quality of otherness of male and female, also takes on the delicate balance between the personal perception and the condition of perceiving together, between the state of living a self-centered life and life as a shared experience, like being part of memories, feelings, sensations of others.

Francesco KiaisFrancesco Kiàis (GR/IT)
The work of Francesco Kiàis ranges from installation to video, to performance art. He has worked as an artist, writer in catalogues, co-curator and cultural advisor in various artistic and cultural projects, exhibitions, and with institutions and galleries. From 2012, he is a member of the curatorial board of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFOMANCE ART WEEK. In recent years, he extended his research work to the pedagogical and didactic potential of the artistic/ performative practice, which leaded to his collaboration with pedagogical projects like PAS | Performance Art Studies. Most recently, his activity focuses on the artistic practice and promotion of Performance Art, as well on the analysis of the many different forms of actuation in Performance.

Christina GeorgiouChristina Georgiou (CY)
Christina Georgiou is a visual and performance artist, curator, educator, researcher and writer. She has presented her work widely through solo and group exhibitions, educational programs, public talks and workshops at international biennials, exhibitions, galleries, museums, institutions and festivals. She is the writer of a number of published texts in Greek and English language, addressed for academic and educational purposes. Since 2008, she has been conducting classes, workshops, lectures and seminars within diverse contexts like academic institutions, art schools and other creative organizations in Cyprus and abroad. She is the founder, director and curator of the Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) and the founder and director of the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS).