Friday 12 June 2015, 21:30
Giorgio De Cirico Movie theatre of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st.


1. One day Prince. 2011
Honorary Distinction at the 5th Festival Halkida Documentary
A documentary on the ceremonial tradition of popular culture of the West Greece. The local dialect – a key trait of the local history – dominates narratives and songs. The lens focuses two people as opposite poles of age and the pillars crumbling edifice, tying their experiences engraved in memory, patience and persistence in the target that everyone else left …
Script, direction, photography, editing, sound, production: Kostas Kolimenos. Duration: 35

2. Zoom in the cherry trees. 2012
The zoom in cherry is a personal diary relating the existential journey of every man in his everyday life. So zoom in cherry is my journey from my birthplace existential in today’s modern Europe against a backdrop of crisis in Greece. ”
Script, direction, photography, editing, sound, production Kostas Kolimenos. Duration: 25 ‘

3. Orfea’s Way. 2014
Niki lives in Athens with her husband and her seven year old son, Orfeas. The young woman trapped in a dull marriage, meets and falls in love with Giannis, a young bohemian city guy. They both feel the strong attraction that dominates their body and soul, and decide to take a trip to the Greek province. The return to the big city will bring changes and will signal new unforeseen developments. Orfeas will disappear and Niki will be forced to return violently to reality. Always in the background of the story a country plagued by economic, political and emotional crisis.
Script, direction, production: Kostas Kolimenos. Duration: 65’

992396_10151536064151780_1286595121_nKostas Kolimenos has made a series of documentaries about the politico – social events and activism of years 2007-2008 (” A Cry in December “, ” plowing the Year “). In addition he has made documentaries on the historical depth and contemporary reality of his homeland”Life in the Blank ” and the movie – documentary “A Day with Prince”, over the financial crisis and its effects , in everyday life and most intimate relationships in this time of pessimism. His most recent feature film, ” The Way of Orpheus” tells the adventure of a lost child in the urban environment and the love story of his parents.