Wednesday 3 JUNE 21:00
the front garden of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st.

Penduloop is an ongoing project which can be described as is a circular and perpetual exchange between nature, society, artist and audience. It is a highly spiritual process in the form of a primitive ritual. The artists endorse in different roles and interact, each one of them sharing their raw material and turning it into intellectual nourishment for the audience. They fall into the vicious loop created by the fragments of everyday life experimenting and referring to the audience as well as to themselves: the intuitive will incarnate into the discipline of performance art.

Allopix Still 1Allopix is a group of artists from different fields who came together with the sole purpose of art. They are offering their abilities to each other and combining them while keeping the team flexible and expanding according to its needs. The work itself is both improvised and choreographed using all kinds of media such as video, sound, installation, sculpture, dance and most of all their own body.
Allopix are:
Daniela Bolano
Eva Tsagaraki
Eleni Zervou
Athina Kyrousi
Theodore Pistiolas
Samuel Ferstl