Behind the Showcase
By Maria Iliopoulou
Performance (3/2015)
Original duration approx. 30’
Video duration 2’ 31’’

maria iliopoulou_behind the showcase_3 maria iliopoulou_behind the showcase_1

In a limited space, behind a showcase, i am not able to come in direct contact with the outside world. One of the main sensations, essential for communication, hearing is cancelled. The same applies to touch and smell. Vision is the only way of communication left. Tearing the paper dress i’ m wearing, i write on each piece of it any of my thoughts emerging at the moment and then I stick it on the showcase, covering gradually its entire surface. As I struggle to communicate, I reveal my nature externally and internally in a attempt to release myself in something that I consider being the driving force of man, the (spontaneous) thought.

Maria Iliopoulou (1984 – Athens, Greece) working as a graphic designer while studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
-Bios – “The Box” (installation) [6/2012],
-Visual trek in Vonitsa (landscapes with ink) [7/2012]
-Athens video dance project [2/2014],
-gallery frown platform with NON GRATA [4/2014]
-Athens school of fine arts with NON GRATA [4/2014]
-Brooklyn exhibition space NYC with NON GRATA [11/2014]
-Project View In and Out – behind the showcase [3/2015]
-Theater simeio – (individual painting exhibition of G. Stamatakis) [5/2015]