ACT – Jazmin Taco
Friday 12 June 2015
Athens School of Fine Arts
design hall of ASFA, 256 Peiraios st. (Γυμνό νυκτός)
Jazmin Taco_11101162_10153710431322971_36798776_o

“My body has no face. I am an object of artificial aesthetics. The artificial aesthetic is blind to the people and the environment. I walk slowly through the area, making confusing movements with my body that narrates its complex and confusing history addressing a space and an audience that cannot see me.”

Jazmin Taco_11Jazmin Taco Ortiz is a performance artist from Ecuador, based in Bern and Zurich. Jazmin has studied visual arts in Truman College in Chicago and has continued her studies in the School for Art and Media in Zurich. Her practice raises question of Gender and the performance of Femininity in the context of the disciplinary control of surveillance by Web 2.0 technologies. She has presented her work in Biennials, festival and Galleries, including the Long Night of the Museum in Zurich in 2014, the Bern Biennial of 2014, Dock 18, and the Uamo Festival in Munich in 2015. Currently Jazmin is working on the 9Volt Space Opera that is touring around Europe.